Seeing the world differently, driving creativity, taking control of your passion.

These are some of the wonderful things about photography that are cherished by both adults & kids alike!


We‘d love to help you or your kiddo pursue a skill that opens up a world of endless possibilities.

Not only is photography great for documenting life‘s adventures,

but the confidence that grows within as kids of all ages learn & create art is incredibly fulfilling to see.

2018 Workshops : 

Youth Photography

Basics Workshop //

// JULY 11 & 18, 2018 | CARSON CITY | $60

This workshop runs for two Wednesdays from 9am-12pm and is geared towards youth ages 10-14. This workshop focuses on the following basic concepts of photography:

  • Basic camera functions and settings

  • Key terms in photography

  • Composition- the making of an interesting photo

  • The "story" behind the photo

  • The history of photography

  • Creating unique photos


Every work-shopper will also receive a custom made book filled with tons of detailed info about photography! A great tool to refer back to as they begin their photography journey. On the first day, participants will be given a task to complete by the beginning of the following class. This task aims to establish the concepts learned that day and to inspire discussion by providing hands on experience and practice.

Each participant must have a digital camera (can be a "point & shoot", DSLR, or even an iPhone!) to use throughout the workshop as well as a desire to learn and have FUN!!

Youth Photography

Middle Ground

Workshop //

// JULY 19 & 26, 2018 | CARSON CITY | $75

This workshop runs for two Thursdays from 9am-12pm.  The curriculum is geared towards the 12-16 age group and consists of the following intermediate concepts:

  • Manual settings on digital cameras

  • Photography's impact on the world

  • The exposure triangle: Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed

  • Introduction to Post Processing/Editing


This workshop also includes a custom made book with detailed info on manual settings, post processing concepts & more! Participants will be assigned more creatively challenging and technical tasks to complete during and in between classes. These tasks will require participation in constructive critiquing between peers. 


Each participant must have a digital camera that has manual capabilities as well as knowledge of the very basic concepts of photography. 


Lessons //

Lauren is currently available for one on one mentoring for beginners of all ages!

Contact us for further details.

// $40 per hour | CARSON CITY

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